Carleton Manor Park - comment on affordable housing

23 Jun 2014

We have had a lot of interest following our recent announcement on the new Carleton Manor Park development in Penrith and would like to provide some further information to answer some of the queries raised.

 Although there are no affordable homes to be built at Carleton Manor Park, we will be making a substantial financial contribution to EDC (£834,375) so they can build homes where they feel they are required within Penrith and Eden. It was identified very early by the planning officers that this particular location was best suited to a low density, luxury development due to it being a transition between town and country as well as a being seen as a ‘gateway’ to the town.

We are very pleased with the approved scheme and it also meets an obvious demand in Penrith as part of EDC’s Housing and Employment Development Plans. The members of the council were unanimous in their decision to approve the scheme and a number of them went further still with personal praise for the style of development – all recognising the importance of having a varied housing mix in the town to meet local demand. 

We recognise the importance of having affordable homes in the area. EDC have a formal strategy in place for this requirement and, with our financial contribution and the affordable housing provision on the larger ‘Carleton Fields’ site, they will have a significant amount of affordable homes coming forward over the next few years.

Both developments will also be contributing large sums towards the construction of a new school in Penrith – which has also been highlighted as a requirement for the future prosperity of the town.
It is worth pointing out that providing affordable homes, infrastructure upgrades, schools and the like, is often only possible if there is private sector investment from Developers with, of course, mutual agreement with Landowners and Local Authorities in order to deliver these schemes. It is not just the residents of a new scheme that will benefit from its development. In total, Cumbrian Homes will be contributing over £1Million over the course of the development to help provide new affordable homes and the new school.

As well as providing much needed housing to the area, both luxury and affordable, Carleton Manor Park will provide a significant boost to the local economy both during and after construction. Eden’s Core Strategy is fundamentally based on making our area a more prosperous and desirable place to live and work which can only be positive for all residents and businesses alike.

‘NIMBY-ism’ can raise important issues but it is very rare that this dictates planning decisions alone, and it was certainly not a factor in the design or approval of our scheme. We received no objections from the public during the consultation period or for the entire time this development has been public knowledge.

EDC’s plans for the next 10-15 years appear to us to be an essential part of our town’s future and we are glad we will be able to play our part. As a local company employing people who live in and around the town we have an increased awareness of how these plans will benefit our area.

Thank you for all your interest and comments to date. Should you require any further information or clarification we would be happy to assist where possible.

Scott Edwards, Commercial Manager