What makes a Cumbrian Home different to other new build properties?

10 Aug 2015

There are often many differences between one new build home and another so anyone looking to purchase one should make sure they take this into consideration.

Most developers will tell prospective customers about the features of their new build home, however there are often fundamental differences or less obvious ones that ultimately affect the price and quality of the property you are buying.


When planning and designing new build properties many factors are taken into consideration, for example the type of brick, will there be slate on the roof, what type of kitchen will be installed?  Quite often many fixtures and fittings are not included as standard in the price of a property, so always check if everything you see is included. 

With a Cumbrian Home there are no hidden extras to pay for once you’ve agreed on the purchase. Everybody would expect to pay a little extra for those personal touches but what about a door bell or tiles in a bathroom?! It is sometimes not obvious from a walk around a show home what is included and what is not which can easily end up making a big difference to the final price you pay.

Size & Density

People often comment that new houses are like ‘boxes’, close together or have no privacy with them.  In some circumstances, financial viability or local planning policy can dictate these design decisions, but where possible we prefer to build well-proportioned family homes on lower density developments. Floor areas have a direct impact on the price of a house so it is worth checking this when comparing one 4 bedroom house with another.

The average size of a new 4 bedroom home in the UK is around 112m2 / 1,200sqft. Our average 4 bedroom house is 170m2 / 1830sqft. Although this does not come for free, the size of a Cumbrian Home means you get more floor area for your money with larger rooms and generally a more spacious home and garden as well.


We also know that people have different tastes when it comes to their new home.  The extent of the choices you can make vary substantially from house builder to house builder. These choices do have a big impact on making a home your own and can also save you money in future if you are able to do things how you want to the first time. We think working alongside customers to allow their involvement right from the planning stages, if they wish, provides a huge benefit to them in the long run.


You would expect a brand new car to come with certain technology included these days – parking sensors, tyre pressure monitors perhaps – yet it is often not thought about in the majority of new build homes. In addition to the usual modern conveniences you would expect, Cumbrian Homes prefer to add technology where it provides a benefit to the homeowner.

From controlling your heating system remotely or playing centrally stored media around the home to full home automation of heating, lighting, safety and security it is all possible as we have given the home the capability by installing certain products and systems as well as selecting contractors who are as passionate about it as we are.

Guarantees & Customer Service

The ‘new home warranty’ is available on all our new homes and provides customers with peace of mind for 10 years, while our own level of customer service ensures consistency and excellence. Not all new homes come with this same assurance.

We will guide you every step of the way in buying your dream home; from helping you plan your ideal layout to choosing fixtures and fittings.  We pride ourselves on the excellent service we give our customers and your needs always come first.  We are a small team and therefore dedicated to ensuring your move is the smoothest it can be.

If you are ready to experience the luxury that living in a Cumbrian Homes home can bring, then do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales team on 01768 840840