The hidden secrets of a Cumbrian Home

22 Nov 2016

A Cumbrian Home is special.  We don’t just think of a home as bricks and mortar – we think of a home as a space for families to really make the most of life – a place that becomes a sanctuary after a hard day’s work, a place for kids to grow and express themselves – or a home that welcomes friends and becomes a space for entertaining and fun.

But these aren’t just empty words. Hear from Cumbrian Homes MD Nigel Pallister, who shares his passion for working with the UK’s most innovative building materials companies to bring a Cumbrian Homes house to life. 

At Carleton Manor Park we became the first regional housebuilder to introduce British Gypsum’s innovative building materials as standard into our homes (see more at  By installing Gyproc Habito – a plasterboard which is 5 times stronger than standard, all the effort of fixing TV’s to walls or hanging heavy curtains has been removed.  Our walls will take the weight of 15kg off one simple screw – no tools, or specialists fixings are needed.  And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also used Thistle Magnetic Plaster in some of the rooms eliminating the need for ugly notice boards. It’s perfect for children’s bedrooms, the kitchen or utility room -  allowing families to easily organise letters, bills, timetables and take-away menus, all without the need for drawing pins or blu tack.

The final piece of the jigsaw is really special.  We’ve used Silent Floor at Carleton Manor Park ensuring that all our homes are super-quiet between each floor.  So whatever your family gets up to - quiet hobbies, loud hobbies, party-people or quiet-night-in people – you can be sure a Cumbrian Home will meet the needs of every member of your family.

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