Party Party Party in a Cumbrian Home

21 Dec 2016

Who doesn't love a good party at Christmas? Crank up the music, fill your home with fun-loving friends and hey presto, a night to remember surely? Stop the music! What about the kids – they’ll need to be in bed by 10 or they’ll be horrid on Christmas day? What about Auntie Mable…she hates loud music and always wants an early night!

Ta-dah! Hello Cumbrian Homes!

The perfect home to put sound, or silence, at the center of your festive celebrations, using Silent Floor from British Gypsum, our homes are designed to accommodate the loudest party, even while the kids pretend to sleep upstairs.  Our homes easily out-perform our nearest rivals by a long way when it comes to limiting noise transfer between floors.  So whether it's a Christmas Eve party or kids sleepover, you can be sure that every member of your family will find their sanctuary this Christmas in a Cumbrian Home. 

Just another hidden secret from Cumbrian Homes.  Read more about Sound Solutions from British Gypsum here.