Pile Foundations - update

17 Oct 2016

We will soon be starting to install the pile foundations to plots 26 - 42 of Carleton Manor Park, close to the Eastern boundary of our site - site plan here.  We hope to have our sub-contractors on site in early November.

The site plan which we sent through to our contractors shows those plots requiring piles and their proximity to neighbouring structures (including our own).

The distance between homes nearby and the piling is significant, approx. 100m+ away, and well beyond the distance where any issues would be anticipated for home owners.  However, as the piles are driven into the ground, it may be possible to hear the blows and feel the vibration as work takes place.  This should not cause you any concern.

Obviously, the further away a building is, the weaker the vibration which is in our favour here as shown on the drawing.  Typically, under 10-15m it can become necessary to adjust techniques in order to keep vibration in check.

We will, however, be monitoring vibrations on site, primarily for those neighbours closer to the work, and will be working to British Standards and the industry guidance related to this.

Work will be carried out within usual site hours 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Rest assured, our contractor is a specialist in this work and has operated in far more sensitive situations than ours and is very confident the impact will be minimal to you and our other neighbours.

If you have any queries related to any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.