What makes a Cumbrian home special?

4 Jan 2017

We've been designing and building family homes for over 40 years so we know a lot about what makes the perfect home.  But it's more than just the layout and the size of our rooms that makes a Cumbrian Home special.

We continually seek out new and innovative products that make our homes stand out.  Scott Edwards, our Commercial Director spends much of his time travelling the UK finding clever products that feature in our homes, Scott tells us more: "with every family we meet we learn more about the unique way people want to live in their homes. We know that families just want to start enjoying their home as quickly as possible, being able to install their TV, put their pictures up and get on with life is a priority.

“This ease of living is made possible by our partnership with British Gypsum. We’ve used Gyproc Habito in our homes at Carleton Manor Park, it's a super-strength plasterboard that makes hanging heavy items a breeze. Using just one screw and a screwdriver, you can hang items up to 15kg. Not only does it have really practical DIY benefits, it's also incredibly robust and will easily withstand everyday knocks, kicks and scuffs.  People are generally really cautious when they move into a new home, Gyproc Habito completely removes that fear.  In a Cumbrian Home, families can live effortlessly, safe in the knowledge their home can easily withstand the comings and goings of everyday life.” 

Just another hidden secret from Cumbrian Homes. 

Read more about Gyproc Habito from British Gypsum here.