Feature Focus: Magnetic Wall

27 Sep 2018

At Cumbrian Homes, we pride ourselves in bringing innovation into your new home and a Magnetic Wall is one of the ways we do this.

A magnetic wall encourages creativity and innovation, allowing you to change up a room in an instant without damaging any walls.  Add pictures, posters, letters, to do lists, poems, drawings and games to you wall and switch it up as required. 

At Cumbrian Homes we allow you to choose which wall to install your magnetic wall, meaning your home is truly bespoke to your requirements.  You might choose the kitchen, office or the children’s playroom or bedroom.  You can add more than one if you want multiple throughout your home too as they make a great space saver as well as giving you the flexibility to change a whole room without any major DIY jobs.

The magnetic wall is a great addition to any home and as its popularity continues to rise, make it part of your new Cumbrian Home.  For more information, contact a member of our Sales team and see a magnetic wall for yourself.