Decluttering tips

12 Aug 2019

Decluttering tips and advice to keep homes tidy

You’ve moved into your new home and made it your own, but we can always appreciate decluttering tips in order to make the most of your space. Here are our helpful hints.

Minimise clutter

Keep it simple – don’t hoard decorative objects, it only makes extra work when dusting and cleaning. A mantelpiece packed with many picture frames and vases will look cluttered so minimise and let the best pictures stand out on their own.

Room by Room

Work on one room at a time to ensure you are focused and complete the job. Plus, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when it’s all finished.

Keep Clutter Free

Clutter-free areas are very important– before you know it the kitchen table or coffee table will be the ‘collecting’ point for magazines, post etc, so sort things straight away and action, file or recycle them.

It’s great to keep magazines with the intention of making that recipe, buying that shirt or doing that daily workout but do you ever really re-read that magazine? Tear out the pages you want to keep and have a folder (or two or three) to store recipes, shopping ideas or healthy hints and tips. Add the rest of the magazine to your recycling.

Seasonal Clothing Swap

Swap your clothing seasonally to maximise space in your wardrobe and drawers. Vacuum bags are great for minimising your winter items so they can be stored in summer and use very little space either under your bed, spare bed or in the loft. When the weather changes simply switch jumpers for shorts and put your summer wardrobe into storage.


Drawer organisers are useful so you can find your desired underwear at a glance when you open your drawer. A cunning space saving tip is to use thin coat hangers to enable you to fit more on your wardrobe rails.

Shred paperwork you no longer need and recycle it. Going forward, choose the paperless option for utility bills and bank statements, this will save clutter and future shredding. It’s a win, win situation.

Four-Box Method

Don’t keep things just in case you might need them one day – if it doesn’t fit you, or you don’t use it or love it, find it an alternative home. The 4-box method of decluttering is tried and tested. Either donate, sell, recycle or bin.

Ruthless Reading

Does your home look like a library? Unless all your books are displayed on a feature wall in your house, sort through these too. If you’ve read it, consider selling it, loaning it to a friend or donating to charity. It will only gather dust on your shelves otherwise. Simply keep your most beloved copies.

A good declutter will leave your home looking spacious and tidy and you’ll feel energised and positive too, with less piles of filing or sorting that need doing. So, which room are you going to tackle first?

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