Ensure Your Garden Is Summer Ready

12 Jun 2019

Now is the time to ensure your garden is summer ready. From outdoor dining, colourful plants and sociable BBQs to splashing with the kids in the paddling pool, your outside space is so important at this time of year. Moving into a new build home will give you a blank canvas for your garden but you don’t have to be a gardening expert to transform it into a Chelsea Flower Show worthy space.  

Firstly, ensure you keep your lawn mown so it looks neat and is ready for any ad hoc picnics or garden gatherings you may have – with your new neighbours. Investing in garden furniture is worth it and the variety to choose from is huge so there are sets to suit every requirement and budget.  

Before heading out to the garden centre to stock up on plants, make sure you’ve taken the time – literally – to understand your garden. What areas get the sun? How long for? What is the soil like? Chat to your neighbours to get this information. If you know these details, your local garden centre staff will be happy to give advice on suitable plants, herbs or seeds to suit your outdoor space.  

A quick and easy way to bring bursts of colour to your garden would be a selection of pots with colourful summer blooms. They can be placed and moved to suit your mood or the sun and shadows. In addition, hanging baskets brighten up exterior space wonderfully. To create a colourful and exciting garden for your new plot in summer, plant a selection of geraniums, marigolds and zinnias. Pansies, phlox and daylilies are established perennials to add bursts of colour to borders and pots in front and back gardens.  

Help local insects by opting for buddleia, honeysuckle, hollyhocks and lavender which will attract butterflies and bees – they smell lovely too so you will enjoy the fragrance just as much as the wildlife. You could also buy or make an insect hotel to welcome the valuable wildlife to your new surroundings. 

If you have moved your favourite plants along with your other belongings, into your new build home, hopefully the soil will be welcoming to your rose bushes and other plants and shrubs and they will flourish. Remember to deadhead roses to encourage new blooms.  

Encouraging green fingers – whether your own or your kids – can be done with a vegetable garden or herb garden. It’s too late now to plant and nurture seeds to plant out (remember for next year!) but purchasing vegetable plants or herbs that can be planted straight into the garden is possible and it’s heart-warming to pop out into the garden to grab a handful of herbs – be it basil, mint, rosemary or chives – to add to your meal. The simplest vegetables to grow are cucumbers, lettuce, peppers and tomatoes – perfect for summer salads.  

Finishing touches for your garden would be a bar-b-q, a chimenea to cosy in front of on summer evenings and solar powered lights to complete the ambience of your new outdoor space. Your new home and garden will feel welcoming, floral and full of fun in no time.  

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