Interior Design Tips

9 Apr 2019

Cumbrian Homes Interior Design Style

Our homes are our castles and we have to love how the space makes us feel. We all put our own tastes and styles into our homes through all aspects of interior décor. If you are buying a new build home, you are in a great position to have a literal blank canvas on which to apply your personal taste as you can choose various elements of your new home and the décor so all you need to add is the furniture to compliment the walls, flooring, fixtures and fittings. Should you be in the market for a new build property and have this exciting journey ahead of you or are simply wanting to redecorate your existing home. Let us share some interior design tips to see you through 2019.  

COLOURS - Whether you prefer more muted tones on the walls or enjoy colour to its fullest, there are a variety of tones which are trending this year. Go bold with colours inspired by precious stones – indigo, emerald green and teal. These rich tones convey luxury and drama and can be used to different degrees – on walls, with carpets or rugs, as an accent in a room via a statement chair or through accessories – cushions, throws and lampshades.  

Mustard yellow is a key colour for interior décor this year. Previously used to accompany on-trend neutrals, it works as a pairing to the rich jewelled tones. For people who prefer a more neutral palette colours have moved away from cooler tones and warm shades of blush and soft pink will sit alongside taupe and natural shades. 

In previous seasons, metallic tones have been overtly shiny. Now, on-trend metallics look more sophisticated, muted and with less high-shine. Metals such as pewter sit beautifully alongside velvets to create a luxurious level of décor. 

KITCHEN - Colour will be enlivening the kitchen spaces this year. Previously, monochrome provided the clean lines for this space but by using tiles and backsplashes as the canvases for our colour choices, this will breathe more life into the heart of your home. 

LIVING ROOM - Always invest as best you can in the important home comforts that you will use daily. A sofa that is so comfortable, you don’t want to leave it and carpets which your feet sink into will be your best investments. Regarding furniture for your home, mix and match is the trend to embrace currently. No longer do you head to one store and buy everything to match. Add your own flavour and spin on furniture by combining different pieces and collections to work together in your home. 

The recent dominance of minimalism and Scandinavian design is beginning to wane, and this style is replaced with bright colours and impactful graphic patterns. Mixing textures, patterns and colours is the way to go. The pattern of the year is floral – this can take any form, with tropical leaves increasing in popularity. Encompassing nature and bringing it into the home to your chosen extent – be it a bold patterned wallpaper or a small injection of leaf prints on a rug. Effortless style can be achieved with hints of various textures and patterns. Accessorise your haven with touches of nature, including wool, wicker, wood, stone and earthenware elements. In addition, there is a resurgence to lighter colour flooring throughout communal living areas, with birch and light oak, which help to create an open feel and more airiness. 

The Bauhaus design movement celebrates 100 years this year and to mark this the simple, clean aesthetic will translate into contemporary pieces of furniture available on our high streets.  

BEDROOM - The once popular accent wall in bedrooms either painted in a bold colour or with striking wallpaper, has now been replaced with textured wallpaper all around the room giving more depth to the serene space. Update your bedding this year too by swapping out existing simple cotton bedding and adding a touch of extravagance with luxurious linen and velvet throws.  

BATHROOMS - A top trend in bathrooms is to recreate a spa experience in your own home, so it’s out with clean white lines and in with bold, dark bathrooms designed to transport you into an indulgent, relaxing spa retreat environment. 

Whether you are purchasing a new build and so have the freedom to customise your entire home or simply want to update a room or two in your current abode with new accessories, hopefully this trend information has inspired you to try a new style, colour, pattern or texture.