New Year, New Build - Top Reasons To Opt For A New Build Home

15 Jan 2019

Cumbrian Homes New Build House

If moving home is on your ‘To-Do’ list for this coming year then you may have many criteria in your mind to choose or country, house or flat, older property or new build. Here we can highlight the top reasons to ensure new build properties are high up on your search list.

Everyone likes to make a home their own and put their own stamp and style on it. With a new build property, you can enjoy design input to choose colour schemes, floorings and fixtures and fittings making sure your personality is built into your new home, without having to make changes once you move in, as you would with a pre-owned dwelling. This will save you time and money, so is a definite plus point.

New build properties come with a 10-year warranty which will give you as the new owner the peace of mind to know that you are protected from any major structural defects. This in turn means saving money as any major repairs in the short term will be covered. 

Another benefit of new build homes is that safety and security is paramount. Many builders will fit a burglar alarm system or pre-wire for one, a factor that will help to reduce buildings and contents insurance premiums. The latest materials and technologies are utilised to ensure buildings are safe, secure and of top quality. Strict safety standards mean up-to-date fire-resistant materials are used and smoke alarms are linked throughout the property. Requirements for windows in certain rooms to open wide enough for escaping in the event of a fire are standard nowadays. Alongside locks on door and windows meeting high standards, alarms and lighting will ensure occupants feel safe and secure within their new home. 

Modern homes are built to exacting high standards and must meet specific minimums for energy efficiency. As energy costs continue to increase the need to ensure your next home can be as efficient as possible is a major factor as this could reduce yearly running costs. New build homes are cheaper to run than pre-owned, older properties and so will reduce your household carbon footprint also. Air quality inside new homes benefits from better filtration which reduces symptoms for asthma and allergy sufferers. 

Various incentives can also help buyers with their new build home purchase. Government offers can include Help To Buy and Starter Homes schemes in addition to some house builders offering their own incentives, such as contributing to Stamp Duty fees or providing offers on interior design options.

A final major factor to consider, which will certainly tip the scales in favour of new builds – if they aren’t already – would be that there are no upward chains to contend with when buying a new build home. That’s a huge positive when moving into your next dream home – making the process even simpler.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of owning a brand new Cumbrian Home then get in touch with our friendly sales team here.