Cumbrian Homes Ltd, based in Penrith, is to cease housebuilding after 49 years at the end of July.    

Up until recently, Cumbrian Homes was in the process of being sold. The business was to continue “as normal” under the new ownership.  However, due in no small part to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, the preferred buyer is now unable to proceed as planned.  Cumbrian Homes have, therefore, taken the decision to cease housebuilding activities and make all staff redundant. 

Sense of Community

Sense of community

Decluttering tips

Decluttering tips and advice to keep homes tidy

You’ve moved into your new home and made it your own, but we can always appreciate decluttering tips in order to make the most of your space. Here are our helpful hints.

Minimise clutter

Keep it simple – don’t hoard decorative objects, it only makes extra work when dusting and cleaning. A mantelpiece packed with many picture frames and vases will look cluttered so minimise and let the best pictures stand out on their own.

Room by Room

Ensure You Have A Safe and Secure Home

Cumbrian Homes new build home holiday safety

We all look forward to a well-earned summer holiday and there’s lots of planning and preparation before you set off but don’t forget to ensure your home is safe and secure. The last thing you need on your return is to find that your family property has been broken into. Here’s a little reminder on how to prepare your home for your holiday absence. 

Ensure Your Garden Is Summer Ready

Now is the time to ensure your garden is summer ready. From outdoor dining, colourful plants and sociable BBQs to splashing with the kids in the paddling pool, your outside space is so important at this time of year. Moving into a new build home will give you a blank canvas for your garden but you don’t have to be a gardening expert to transform it into a Chelsea Flower Show worthy space.  

Moving Home with Children - Top Tips

moving home with children top tips

As one of the top stress-inducing events in our lives, moving home can be a fractious time when you simply want everything to go smoothly. Add children (and pets) to the mix and the levels of worry increase as you want to ensure nothing gets left behind (favourite toys), the journey to your new home is problem free (no tantrums) and that you settle in as quickly as possible. Here are some top tips for moving home with children.

Interior Design Tips

Cumbrian Homes Interior Design Style

Our homes are our castles and we have to love how the space makes us feel. We all put our own tastes and styles into our homes through all aspects of interior décor.

Spring Cleaning - the natural way

Spring cleaning products

Now is the time to plan your Spring cleaning and there is a wonderful trend towards embracing natural cleaning methods currently, to avoid the harsh chemicals being added to our water systems. Let us share some great variations of cleaning methods to make your home sparkle naturally. Some of the substances and ingredients we suggest may already be in your cupboards, others are easily and inexpensively obtained so why not have a go?

New Year, New Build - Top Reasons To Opt For A New Build Home

Cumbrian Homes New Build House

If moving home is on your ‘To-Do’ list for this coming year then you may have many criteria in your mind to choose or country, house or flat, older property or new build. Here we can highlight the top reasons to ensure new build properties are high up on your search list.

Make your new home feel perfectly festive

Cumbrian Homes Christmas New home decorations

Moving into a new home prior to the festive season is great timing. It’s the perfect opportunity to sort out your existing decorations, keep the favourites and recycle or donate to charity everything else so that you can add to the excitement of moving into your wonderful new home and treat the interior to some fresh decorations. Maybe you’ve always wanted a show stopping tree in your hallway as guests arrive, have longed to dress your fireplace with pine branches and beautiful stockings.